Monday, March 26, 2007

Judge me - I don't care

My favorite show on television is Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). I don't know why - seriously. I don't. I have watched every episode - starting at teh very beginning of season 1.

I am not sure what my attraction to the show is. Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris are TERRIBLE!!! I am not saying I can host a show - but I would like to believe that if I did - I would do a better job.

The stars - well - there is always the question as to their actual "star-ness." I mean - I guess you could argue the star power for all of them. Certainly they all have more celebrity than I do.

It is safe to say I don't know much about dancing. Scratch that - everything I know about dancing I learned from this show. Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba have taught me more about ballroom and latin style dancing than you can shake a stick at. And by stick I mean your hips in a mambo (which was born in the 40's as a mix between Cuban dance and American swing). I am no expert - but I feel like I know what they are looking for with each dance.

There is a certain charm to the dancers - well - some of them. In some ways I feel as though they have more celebrity than the "stars." Take Cheryl Burke, for example. Her first season (2) she was paired with Drew Lachey - you know...Nick's brother...Jessica's ex-brother in law. Although that was her first season - she qucikly exploded onto the scene. She won that year - and the following year with better known partner Jerry Rice. This year she is paired with Ian Ziering. IAN ZIERING!!! Nobody even liked Steve Sanders!!! He was like - the one that nobody wanted to care about on 90210. OK Steve - you have a fast car - can we get back to Dylan...because he is cool and has NICE hair!!! Cheryl trumps him - plus she is really cute.

I think that the "man-stars" have a MUCH better chance of winning this show. Yeah - that ho-bag won season 1 - but that was a DIRECT result of no clothes and her daytime TV status...but she was not the better dancer. Stacey Kiebler made a GREAT run - and I thought she might pull it off - but it seems that in this style of dancing this woman has more to do. So - the "women-stars" might have a harder time/more work? I don't know...I am just a casual observer.

Anyway - having said all of that - I will now grace you with my picks for this season. I think that Apolo Anton Ohno and his partner (18 year old) Julianne Hough will win. He is the darkhorse. I had hopes - but he is GOOD. She is cute - they look great together - they get along. I think that Joey Fatone and his partner Kym Johnson will do well. Kym got Jerry Springer FAR in the competition last year...and he was terrible. Although Joey is a "Fat-One" he has moves, style and charisma. I think that Ian and Cheryl will be strong - but no 3-peat for Cheryl. She is great - but Steve is Steve...he is not worrying about dancing. He is worrying about what "Steve" looks like while dancing. I think that if Heather Mills stays long enough - her leg WILL fall off. I think that the 2 other atheletes (Miss Ali and The Glide) will have early exits...though not as early as Billy Ray Cyrus. The other three contestants are just filler - so they can drag the show on longer. I feel bad for their partners who are going to work hard...but age and other factors will take them out.

So those are my thoughts on the show. I think it will be a good season. I will watch it - I will get excited to speculate about the stars for the following season. I will be sad when they finally announce them...and I will go through the whole routine again. If you don't already watch - I won't tell you to watch it. It is not the kind of show that everybody likes. If you do watch...we can start a club.