Friday, March 28, 2008

Making the Switch...

On Monday I made the switch from PC to Mac. I won’t say that I am quitting PC cold turkey – I mean I still have the computer and I still have very necessary programs on it that I currently cannot afford to put on my Mac yet. Not to mention, I am still using a PC a work…

But after a few days with the Mac I have some thoughts. The first and most obvious is – why didn’t I do this sooner? Seriously? I bought a Macbook Pro and at time of purchase it was similar in power/memory to be HP. Granted all the little bits inside are newer and it does have a better processor – but it was still similar. After purchasing I opted to upgrade the RAM myself rather than have Apple charge me nearly $400 to do it. For me the main goal was to be able to run the programs that I usually run and not crash the damn thing all the time.

The ease at which I have done things so far is incredible. Putting in the RAM was “stupid easy” just as my friend Leon described. Beyond that, all the software that I have installed has been an absolute dream. I am not a novice with computers – so this was not a HUGE deal – rather it is more a matter of convenience…and I am lazy, so that is good. Also – it does not come loaded with all that crap AOL, adware, etc. etc. So I did not waste hours deleting that shit. I turned it on and it worked. Hell, it worked in less than a minute…I turned it on and it was booted and ready (my trusty PC is up to 15 minutes before I can do anything). I didn’t know something like that was even possible. Why don’t people tell me these things?

There is also a certain sex appeal to the Mac…and I’m not too proud to admit that I buy into that. I have an iPhone – I love my iPhone because it is great for me – and it looks good. I’m just that vain. This Macbook Pro is the same thing. It just looks and feels nice. The keys are soft, but reactive – they are also very smooth and quiet. The machine is the same way. It just feels slick – not slippery slick – sex slick. And it is not loaded up with crap. PCs are nice enough to have a sticker for everything – Processor, XP, speaker brand, etc. This is the keys, the trackpad, the power button and speakers. It’s like something out of a movie…it almost looks generic. I do love Apple and the simple approach to design.

I haven’t done any “real” tests yet – but they are coming. So far though, I can just say that this computer “feels” good. And if you don’t know what that means, tough. The next step is to figure out AutoCAD on this thing…that will allow me to do sexy drafting.

Update – I did just purchase a hard plastic turquoise cover so as to prevent scratches…it is still sexy and now in turquoise.

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