Wednesday, September 26, 2007

DWTS - my picks

I have to keep this quick so I can walk the dog and get back to work. Ugh...I hate working at night...especially a DWTS night.

The final three is probably going to be (in no particular order) -

Helio Castroneves (he was really good)
Floyd Mayweather
Cheetah Girl

Now the last one really disturbs me - and I hope I am wrong. I think she is an "OK" dancer - but she is annoying. Really annoying. I also think that she will get a lot of votes from fans. Which is why I hate the fan vote. I also think that Cameron (the other Cheetah Girl from All My Children) will make it further because of the fan vote.

I would love to see Mark Cuban get somewhere...and he'll do OK. Sadly he won't get the fan base that he needs - and his hip will prove to be a bit of a problem.

I think that Helio and Julianne might get it done. They were really good. Floyd has skills/movement, too - if he can apply it. Jane Seymour - I'm still rooting for you...

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